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Deco Audio Products CHAIN Ultimate Bi-Wire Links

Deco Audio Products CHAIN Ultimate Bi-Wire Links

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If you're using bi-wireable speakers with single wire speaker cable (which in many cases sound better) then the standard bi-wire links supplied with the majority of speakers often leaves a lot to be desired - they're commonly made from a relatively poor conductor (like brass) and then gold plated to look nice. 

So for this application we have produced the Ultimate Bi-Wire links. They use the same pure Silver conductors and construction techniques found in our CHAIN Ultimate speaker cable. They have high quality silver plated spade connectors at the source end and silver plated banana plugs at the other. Silver content solder is used to assemble them too. They are supplied as a set of four cables, enough for use on a pair or bi-wireable speakers.

As this cable design takes a reasonable distance to bend back upon itself the links are approximately 40cm in length to ensure that the ends are not stressed in normal use.

Other lengths can be made to order but due to the relative lack of flexibility it is best to go for a longer length wherever possible (due to the low loss nature of this cable there is no sonic penalty for this).

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