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Deco Audio Products CHAIN Ultimate Analogue Interconnect

Deco Audio Products CHAIN Ultimate Analogue Interconnect

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The CHAIN Ultimate is our top of the range cable. 

It uses only fine annealed unplated pure silver strands for both the signal and return conductors. The strands have only a small contact with the insulator meaning they are largely in an air dielectric. The conductors are shielded with a outer copper foil and copper braid which means they are suitable for all applications, including turntables.

These cables are rather time consuming to produce, but the results are very worthwhile.  

The plugs use are silver plated and are silver soldered for long life. 

This cable is featured internally in many Ultimate level products, so it makes an ideal partner for use with these products or any other hi-end system. 

This cable is currently only available in 1m lengths (if there is sufficient interest in other lengths then they may be added over time).

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