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CEC TL0 - 3.0 CD Transport (Click & Collect Only)

CEC TL0 - 3.0 CD Transport (Click & Collect Only)

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The TL0 - 3.0 is the pinnacle of the CEC range of transports. As you’d expect from CEC it uses twin belt drive, one for the laser sled and the other for the disc rotation, and this is combined with a very sophisticated suspension system, an arrangement that uses their three point D.R.T.S. (Double Rubber & Triple-Springs) assembly. This floats the hexagonal assembly which supports the laser and main bearing and minimises coupling to the cog-free low torque motors.

CEC have spent a lot of time with anti vibration measures extending beyond the suspension system mentioned above, throughout they have used techniques including combining dissimilar metals to damp one another and using 20mm thick slabs of aluminium. These also help screen the drive electronics from the mechanism itself, as does the use of a massive regulated power supply which is mounted in a separate box.

The attention to detail doesn’t finish with the design, each unit is hand made, then soak tested for a week and individually auditioned prior to dispatch.

This top of the CEC range transport is quite simply exquisite, and like all good components just disappears. The scale of sound it enables is quite simply awesome. Large concert venues have that sense of size that comes from serious low frequency resolution, and the rendering of acoustics is so real as to be almost tactile, you can hear each performer in their own space (whether that be electronic reverb or recorded ambience) when the recording allows and stays that way regardless of how complex the performance. The composure, refinement and dynamics are undoubtedly up their with the very best, and are combined with that wonderful flow and musical swagger that CEC have really mastered with their transports. 

CDs have never sounded quite so life like to me, and the only negative I can think of is the price, but if you don’t want to compromise  then the TL0 really is something truly special.

Product specifications:

Drive System: Double belt drive/spindle & pick-up

Playable Discs: Audio cd's & finalised cd-r/rw

CD Stabiliser: Diameter 125mm, weight 460g (brass, nickel plating) inertia moment 6.6x10-4n,m.s2

Spindle Shaft: 5mm in diameter

Suspension: D.r.t.s. (double rubbers and triple springs) with three tiptoes legs

Main Mechanism Chassis: Hexagon shaped aluminium in 20mm thick and brass in 10mm thick: combination of two different metallic materials

Operation Housing: Aluminium in 20mm thick

Digital Output: Super link x1 (bncx4) 2.5vp-p/75r - aes/ebu (xlr, hot=pin 2) x1 2.5vp-p/110r - coaxial x1 0.5vp-p/75r - tos x1 (optical): -21~-15dbm eiaj

World Clock Input: bnc x1: 44.1khz

Power Supply: Ac 120/230v 50/60hz

Power Consumption: 12w

Dimensions: Transport: approx. 300(w) x 317(d) x 158(h)mm power box: approx. 128(w) x 260(d) x 103(h)mm

Weight: Transport: approx. 16kg power box: approx. 3.2kg

Colour: Silver

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