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Audion Select TVC1 Pre-Amplifier

Audion Select TVC1 Pre-Amplifier

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The Audion Select TVC is a very high quality Transformer Volume Control pre amplifier. It has 5 line level inputs and 23 steps of attenuation (ranging from -42dB to 0dB) via the rotary control on the front. It also features an additional overall +6dB of gain via a switch on the rear, meaning that it can be used with all sorts of different system gain levels. Wound in house with copper wire at the Audion factory, the transformers are housed in screening cans and connected with silver hook up wire to high quality gold plated RCA sockets. The chassis is a half width and made from aluminium with a stainless steel top plate.

As you’d expect with a good TVC the sound is colourful, vibrant and dynamic - not in an additive way, just that it’s not greying or shrinking the sound as you would find with most alternative means of adjusting the volume. This is exactly why we love TVCs, when done well, as they are here, they have a vanishingly small impact on the sound and are the best solution we have found for altering the volume in a system.

They are ultra wide bandwidth, with -1dB points of 9Hz and 36kHz and a useful response up to 100kHz, a testament to the quality of the winding of these transformers. They are also easier than most TVC transformers to drive, some can present a fairly tricky load to the source, but not the Audion, making it suitable for almost any digital or analogue source.

Technical Specifications

Type: Transformer based passive volume control
Inputs: 5 stereo pair
Outputs: 2 stereo pair attenuated and 1 Pair stereo unattenuated (tape output)
Control Adjustment: 23 steps + 6db gain switch
Attenuation Level: -48dB to 0dB (in 2dB increments) then +3db and +6db at step 23 (with +6db switch on)
Internal Wiring: Pure Solid 4N Swiss Silver
Transformer Wiring: Pure Solid 4N Copper
Internal Inductance – Approx. 600 Henries
Case: designed to match other amps in the Anniversary and premier range

Width 23cm, Height 9.5cm, Depth 22cm including RCA sockets and knob.

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