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Audion Premier Phono Stage

Audion Premier Phono Stage

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The Premier is a superb valve phono stage, offering a great blend of performance and value for money and thanks to its capabilities often finds a home in much more expensive systems than you'd normally expect. 

Housed in an aluminium half width chassis, the power supply is enclosed in the black finished top part of the enclosure. This helps shield the sensitive audio circuitry (in the lower part of the chassis beneath the stainless steel top plate) from the radiation generated by the mains transformer.

The design uses a pair of 6922 dual triode valves in a classic passive EQ RIAA setup, and thanks to the low noise design it can work with a wide range of MM cartridges. 

It has a transparent sound that is very revealing without being overly analytical in presentation. Its midband is exactly what you’d expect of a good valve design, there’s no grain or hash, just an open and expansive sound, but it's not at expense of the frequency extremes which are very well resolved too. 

Naturally is also works wonderfully with step up transformers for use with moving coil cartridges.

Technical Specifications:

Sensitivity Ref-0dBV: 2.0mV MM
Distortion @ 1V: <0.015% No Feedback
Frequency Response: 11-185KHz ±1dB RIAA
Inputs: 2x1 Phono MM
Consumption: 12 Watts
Size: 42cm Deep, 23cm Tall (16cm Tall Without Valves)
Fuses: Power 500mA/240V
Phase: Correct
Noise CCIR: <80dB
Signal to Noise: >70dB
Outputs: 2x1 Main Out
Tubes: 2x 6922 or E88CC
Weight: 6kg
Warranty: 2 years (6 Months for Valves)

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