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Audio Technica ATN91 Stylus

Audio Technica ATN91 Stylus

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The ATN91 is the replacement stylus for the classic AT91 cartridge.

This ATN91 stylus features a carbon cantilever and a bonded conical diamond. This stylus can be used on the AT91, AT3600L, CN5625AL and designs like the Rega Carbon and Edwards Audio C50 cartridges.

Please note that when using this stylus to upgrade from the 3600L, Carbon and C50 you will need to reduce the tracking force on your tonearm to no more than 2.5gm.

-Vertical Tracking Force    1.5 to 2.5g (2.0g standard)
-Stylus Construction    Bonded
-Stylus Shape    Conical
-Cantilever    Carbon rod
-Stylus Size    0.6 mil

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