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Audio Technica AT6013a Carbon Fibre & Velvet Record Brush

Audio Technica AT6013a Carbon Fibre & Velvet Record Brush

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This dual action brush has two outer rows of carbon fibre bristles and a velvet centre piece, which with the right technique makes it effective in lifting dust off your LPs quickly.

As the velvet section has a much stronger drag than carbon fibre only bristles I find these are best suited for cleaning LPs whilst on a very high torque turntable (idler drive, some direct drives etc), but perhaps not ideal for more common decks (depending upon technique used, naturally).

On the right deck and with the right technique then it is possible to remove dust in just one go, whereas brushes without the velvet section might take two passes.

The conductive carbon fibre bristles help conduct away static from the LP surface.

It comes with the pictured rest for it to sit on, which will also double up as a scraper to remove dust from the bristles/pad without risk of touching them (and therefore contaminating them with oils which would reduce their effectiveness).


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