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Audio Technica AT-VMN95ML Stylus

Audio Technica AT-VMN95ML Stylus

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This is the replacement stylus as found on the AT-VM95ML. It will also fit any of the cartridge bodies in the AT-VM95 range.
The 'ML' (for Micro Linear) is the  fourth and penultimate level up in the Audio Technica AT-VM95 range.

Micro Linear cut styli and other Micro Line profiles are prised for their long life, their excellent tracking (especially at the end of side) and great information retrieval. They also to be quite forgiving of most surface noise too,  

The diamond is a Nude design - whereas lesser 'bonded' styli us a small diamond tip bonded to an intermediary shank (often made of steel) which is then attached to the cantilever, a 'Nude' model uses a much larger (and sadly much more expensive) diamond tip to dispense with the intermediary spacer. This provides much improved mechanical coupling between the diamond and the cantilever, whilst reducing tip mass resulting in all areas of the performance being improved

-Vertical Tracking Force    1.8 to 2.2g (2.0g standard)
-Stylus Construction    Nude
-Stylus Shape    Micro Linear
-Cantilever    Aluminium Pipe
-Stylus Size    2.2 x 0.12 mil

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