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Audio Technica ATN95EX Stylus

Audio Technica ATN95EX Stylus

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The ATN95EX is the replacement stylus for the AT95EX cartridge, and can also be fitted to the standard AT95E and AT93 cartridge bodies too as an upgrade.

As far as I'm aware the difference between the E and EX is that the latter has an different and I believe improved suspension/damper. Despite being a small change on paper, the all round improvements in performance are certainly worthwhile given the relatively small additional cost over the ATN95E.

This styli features an Elliptical bonded diamond on an aluminium cantilever and come retail packed with a stylus guard fitted.

-Vertical Tracking Force    1.5 to 2.5g (2.0g standard)
-Stylus Construction    Bonded
-Stylus Shape    Elliptical
-Cantilever    Aluminium Pipe
-Stylus Size    0.3 x 0.7 mil

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