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Audio Technica AT-HS4 Tonearm Headshell

Audio Technica AT-HS4 Tonearm Headshell

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The AT-HS4 is a universal angled ½"-mount headshell designed for use with straight 4-pin tonearms where a straight headshell is not suitable. It features an ultra-lightweight (8.5 g) aluminium die-cast body to keep vibration to a minimum, with a rigid moulded in finger lift to enable precise stylus placement. The headshell is also equipped with color-coded lead wires and comes with mounting screws.

Technical Specifications:

Material: Aluminum 
Connector: Aluminum 
Weight: 8.5 g (0.3 oz), including lead wire 
Dimensions (HxWxD): 12.5mm x 20.7mm x 54.0 mm 
Accessories: Installation screws (10 mm × 2, 8 mm × 2), nuts x 2, plastic washers x 2

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