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Audio Origami PU7 Titanium Tonearms

Audio Origami PU7 Titanium Tonearms

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Tonearm Length

The Audio Origami PU7 is an evolution of the classic Syrinx PU3 tonearm and is hand made to order (with each arm taking in the region of 4 weeks to be produced). The specification is completely customisable, with a choice of arm tube lengths between 9 to 12 inches and arm mass can also be specified to ensure the perfect match with your cartridge. The standard finish is a high quality matt bead blasted silver, with Polished, custom colour anodising and gold or chrome plating all available as options. The standard model has Cardas copper wiring with Ikeda wiring available as an upgrade.

Technical Specifications:

Effective Length: 9 inches/12 inches
Effective Mass: 12g/14g
Tonearm Type: Ball Race Gimbal
Mount: Rega/Linn
Base: Aluminium
Armtube: Titanium
Headshell: Aluminium
Gimbal Housing: Delrin
VTA: Adjustable
Azimuth: Adjustable
Anti-Skate: Adjustable
Damping: Meta Material
Internal Wiring: Cardas
External Wiring: DIN Connector
Counterweight: Threaded Steel
Colour: Silver or Black/Silver
Packaging: Cardboard and Foam

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