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Audio Note M6 RIAA Phono Stage

Audio Note M6 RIAA Phono Stage

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*In accordance with the wishes of Audio Note, this product cannot be purchased by mail order, so will always show as 'out of stock' here, if you would like to purchase one please get in contact for more information*

*Audio Note items are supplied to order, please allow approximately 8 weeks for build time*

At the heart of the M6 RIAA is an exceptionally fine Moving Magnet phono stage which used three 5670 valves. This is followed by a 7044 equipped output  stage, and both sections are powered by their own dedicated 6X5 valve rectified power supply based on the M10s Galahad PSU. These power supplies also incorporate an ECL82 for voltage regulation and an 5651 as  a voltage stabiliser.

Audio Note Copper wiring, 1 Watt Tantalum resistors, SILMIC capacitors and Audio Note copper foil in oil signal capacitors are used throughout the circuit, along with in-house designed and manufactured, custom output transformers which feature UHiB double c-cores, copper windings for the primaries and Silver windings for the secondaries, which facilitate both single ended and balanced outputs. The components are hard wired together on their Panzerholz wood boards that Audio Note use for their top tier products.

There’s a choice of either a brushed silver aluminium fascia or black acrylic available.

Technical Specifications:

Input Impedance: 47K Ohms - Phono
Input Sensitivity: 126mV for 1V Output
Output Impedance: <10 Ohms
Unit Weight: 16 kg each unit
Unit Dimensions (HxWxD): 140mm (h) x 440mm (w) x 410mm (d) - PRE & 140mm (h) x 440mm (w) x 410mm (d) - PSU (if applicable)
Mains Input: AC 100-120V/220-240V 50/60Hz

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