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Audio Note IQ2 MM Cartridge

Audio Note IQ2 MM Cartridge

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*In accordance with the wishes of Audio Note, this product cannot be purchased by mail order, so will always show as 'out of stock' here, if you would like to purchase one please get in contact for more information*

*Audio Note items are supplied to order, please allow approximately 8 weeks for build time*

I’ve been guilty of overlooking the IQ2 in the past, it’s more expensive brother (the IQ3 seen elsewhere here) has always taken centre stage offering truly stunning performance and has rightly earnt its place as one of my all time favourite cartridges. The IQ2 has an awful lot of similarities, hardly surprising when you consider that the main difference being that it has a hardened aluminium cantilever and not a Titanium one, it even has the same Audio Note Type II diamond as the IQ3 and can be retrofitted with the IQ3 stylus assembly when you want an upgrade.

Sonically it hits the spot, with great dynamics and speed, plus a sense of rightness that few other cartridges manage, regardless of price. It’s also a very easy cartridge to use, the only downside is it requires extended running in to lose some initial brightness, but it’s well worth it the wait!

Technical Specifications:

Load Resistance: 47K Ohms
Load Capacitance: 150 - 200 pF
Internal Inductance: 570mH
Internal Resistance: 660 Ohms
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20KHz, +/- 2dB
Weight: 6.3g
Fixing Centres: 12.7mm / 0.5"
Tracking Force/Weight: 1.5g - 2.5g (1.75g nominal)
Channel Balance: 2dB @ 1KHz
Channel Separation: 25dB @ 1KHz
Sensitivity: 6.5mV +/- 1.5dB (1KHz @ 5cm/sec)
Static Compliance: (N lateral) 24mm / (N vertical) 16mm
Equivalent Tip Mass: 0.45mg
Vertical Tracking Angle: 24 Degrees

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