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Audio Note IO II MC Cartridge

Audio Note IO II MC Cartridge

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*In accordance with the wishes of Audio Note, this product cannot be purchased by mail order, so will always show as 'out of stock' here, if you would like to purchase one please get in contact for more information*

*Audio Note items are supplied to order, please allow approximately 8 weeks for build time*

The Io2 is heavier than the Io 1 listed above (18 gramme's, which is 7 gramme's heavier than the Io1) and is fitted with an even higher quality AN Type 1 diamond).

Technical Specifications:

Output Voltage: 0.04mV / 5cm / sec
Internal Impedance: 1 Ohm
Matching Impedance: 3-4 Ohms
Frequency Range: 10 - 50KHz, +/-2dB (dynamic test)
Separation: Greater than 30dB at 1KHz
Compliance (Typical): (horizontal) 5 - 10 µm/mN / (vertical) 5 - 10 µm/mN
Weight: 18g
Stylus Pressure: 2-3g (2.5g optimal)
Cantilever: Titanium
Stylus: AN Type 1 Diamond

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