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Audio Note DAC0.1x Digital to Analogue Convertor

Audio Note DAC0.1x Digital to Analogue Convertor

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*In accordance with the wishes of Audio Note, this product cannot be purchased by mail order, so will always show as 'out of stock' here, if you would like to purchase one please get in contact for more information*

*Audio Note items are supplied to order, please allow approximately 8 weeks for build time*

The DAC 0.1x is the new entry level DAC from Audio Note, as you’d expect from audio Note there’s no digital filtering and no oversampling used with its TDA 1543 DAC chip. The output stage uses a sub miniature 6111WA triode valve, with high quality parts including beyschlag resistors and tin foil paper in oil capacitors. It even has a USB input (as well as the standard coaxial phono input) for use with computers. It is available with either a silver aluminium or a black acrylic fascia, or an all white chassis and is just 30cm wide. As you’d expect from Audio Note this is a hugely entertaining convertor, brimming with energy and involvement yet not lacking resolution, making it a tremendous addition to many systems - if you’re not already converted to the benefits of the Audio Note 1x oversampling designs you really must hear how this can transform your system - we’re confident it will be far more musical than almost any ‘conventional’ upsampling or multi oversampling digital front end, almost regardless of cost.

Technical Specifications:

Input: 1 x 75Ohm RCA SPDIF, 1 x USB
Output Impedance: Less than 2KOhm
Reference Output: 2.6V RMS
Channel Balance: Less than 0.25dB
Valve Complement: 1x 6111WA
Unit Weight: 3kg
Unit Dimensions (HxWxD): 96mm x 300mm x 270mm 
Digital System: 16 Bit Philips TDA1543 D/A converter 44.1 / 48 / 96KHz input capability

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