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Atlas Equator Achromatic Interconnect Cables

Atlas Equator Achromatic Interconnect Cables

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The Equator Achromatic interconnect is an excellent sounding cable from Atlas Cables. It features the non magnetic light weight Achromatic RCA connectors, with their cold weld solder free cable connections and 80 strands of OCC copper conductors. Double shielding means that this cable will be also strongly resistant to RFI interference.

It has a very neutral sound with excellent resolution at this price level, making it ideal for any budget to mid level separates system.

These stereo cables come in original retail packaging, are 0.75 metre in length, and are terminated at both ends with RCA (Phono) plugs. These cables are designed in England.
If you require longer lengths than listed here, please contact us.


Construction: Co-ax (Double Screened)
Material: OCC
Dielectric: PEF (foamed PE)
Screen: OFC, 95% (double OFC braid)
Capacitance: 53.27 pF/m
Inductance: 0.40 µH/m
Resistance: 0.027 Ohms/m
Impedance: 78.25 Ohms at (1MHz)
Outside Diameter: 8.5mm
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