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Atlas Equator 2.0 Speaker Cable

Atlas Equator 2.0 Speaker Cable

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The Equator 2.0 offers great performance at a very reasonable price point. It is ideal for entry to mid level hifi systems.

We sell it per metre unterminated (order any length up to 100m and we will supply it in one continuous run) and we also sell it with our own terminations (see below) in certain set lengths.

The cable uses over 250 6N pure copper (99.9999% pure) strands per conductor, which are insulated with a polypropylene dielectric, and contained within a cotton yarn filler which helps damp microphony.  The outer jacket is just under 9mm diameter and the cable is pretty flexible. It is a low capacitance cable so will be fine with amplifiers that stipulate this as a requirement.

This is a remarkably well balanced sounding cable, which I find is extremely rare at this price point. The bass is very nicely defined and well rounded, having impressive scale but retaining speed and agility. The mid band stays composed, and doesn’t harden up as some cables can do and the top end is grain and hash free.

I can highly recommend this cable, it gives a great taste of what the more expensive cables do and is a considerable jump up in performance over entry level cables.
The termination is done by ourselves, we use high quality gold plated 4mm banana plugs which are soldered onto the cable, the heatshrink trim is the more expensive adhesive type which stays in place forever, meaning a set of cables should last a lifetime if looked after.
Other termination and length options are available including the bare tinned ends, spades and so on. We can also supply Atlas factory crimp terminated cables too, please ask for pricing.
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